Oklahoma’s only LEGO builders club prepares for OKC’s first ever LEGO Convention

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YUKON, OKLAHOMA -- One of the best things about LEGOS, other than all the different colors and shapes, is their simplicity of design.

No matter when you bought them or where, or what set they came with, all the pieces fit together.

Builder Brian Figgins says of his large projects, "Really they're just a collection of smaller builds."

Figgins always liked that about his LEGO collection and still does.

He played with them as a kid then caught back up in a hurry when the company started issuing Lord of the Rings kits.

"I wanted to be part of that," he says.

He's an IT specialist for a living, but Figgins creates whole other worlds with his toys.

This Victorian street scene contains pieces from all kinds of different sets and some pieces of his own design.

Some of these builds go back in the drawer.

Others he can't bear to dismantle.

Brian insists, "It's an artistic medium."

Building with LEGOS tends to be a solitary pursuit, but through the magical connective bricks of social media he found other people like Joe Sala who rediscovered LEGOS too.

Several of them formed a group called OK Lug.

Members compared ideas, built a few things together, and even traded pieces.

Figgins says, of their club, "It gives us a purpose to build. Then we can collaborate on larger creations."

We watched Joe putting the final touches on his LEGO Movie Batman with light up eyes.

Both Brian and Joe planned on taking a table full of projects each to Oklahoma City's first ever LEGO Convention.

At the convention Figgins says, "We can watch people experience our builds and talk with them."

Now, it's not like we've never done stories on LEGOS before.

In 2004 we found Josh Paterson competing in a national build contest.

Who could forget the OKCitycsape from just a few years ago as master builders like Shaun Riddenauer built most of downtown OKC in miniature.

From little bricks to big ideas, let really smart people loose in a creative medium and there's no telling what kinds of magic they can create.

The 2017 OKC LEGO Convention is called Brick Universe.

It's scheduled for March 18 and 19 at the Cox Convention Center.

For ticket information and other questions go to http://www.brickuniverse.org

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