Snip! Vasectomy business booms during March Madness so men can watch games while recovering on the couch

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Ah, March Madness! What better time to have... A vasectomy?

At a time when millions of coworkers nationwide debate statistics, fill out brackets, and watch live streams of the games, costing employers up to $4 billion loss in productivity, urologists, on the other hand, see a big boom in business.

An Idaho urologist says if men have to spend a few days doing nothing other than holding a frozen bag of peas, they are choosing to do it during March Madness to be able to watch the games while they recover.

Many of Dr. Todd Waldmann's patients scheduled their appointments months in advance to coincide with college hoops.

"For two days post procedure men don't do anything at all. They literally lay around and use ice to keep the swelling down," Dr. Waldmann with the Idaho Urologic Institute told KTVB-TV.

Dr. Waldmann's business in Meridian, Idaho typically shoots up by 50 percent during the NCAA tournament, thanks to vasectomy patients like Rob Myklebust.

"I imagine my wife would have a hard time with me watching four straight days of basketball, but I kinda have an excuse now," Myklebust told KTVB-TV.

"I just figured that it's as good a time as any. If I have to sit around the house for two days and do nothing, I might as well have that to keep me entertained," Myklebust said.

And he's getting a free bag of frozen peas to help with his recovery - it's part of a goody bag the Urologic Institute puts together, along with popcorn, a pizza delivery coupon, and Boise Hawks tickets.

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