Police: Oklahoma teen allegedly steals fire tanker, leads Good Samaritan on chase

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SPENCERVILLE, Okla. – An Oklahoma teenager is facing charges after police say he stole two vehicles, including a fire truck.

Authorities tell KTEN it all started when 18-year-old Jacob Tyler German allegedly stole a car in Hugo. He eventually dropped the stolen car off at the Spencerville Fire Department and hopped in one of the department’s tankers.

Things got even stranger when German met Joseph Wayman.

“I seen the guy in there. He was wearing a fire helmet and said he was a fireman and I was like, that can’t be right,” Wayman told KTEN.

Wayman called a friend who is a police officer and learned the fire truck was stolen.

At that point, German drove off with Wayman not far behind.

When the fire truck hit a ditch, Wayman pulled over and jumped on the fire truck as it continued down the road.

“He’s swerving all over the road trying to knock Joseph off of it,” said Ronnie Sappington, a reserve officer in Rattan.

Wayman was able to break through the truck’s window and climb inside. At the same time, Sappington stopped his truck in front of the tanker, blocking the roadway.

“I stopped the truck right in front of them. By then, Joseph was in there and it was getting heated in the front seat. Joseph opened the door and I yanked the ¬†guy out and we sat on top of him,” Sappington said.

German was arrested on drug charges, two counts of larceny of a motor vehicle and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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