Oklahoma mom furious after son is stabbed in ear on school bus with sucker stick

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NOWATA, Okla. – A mother is furious after she found out her 10-year-old son was stabbed in the ear with a sucker stick on his school bus.

The mother says one child held him by the back of the neck while another child stabbed him in the ear with the stick.

He was taken to the emergency room twice because of the injury.

She also says his eardrum is completely busted and must now see a specialist who will decide if he needs reconstructive surgery.

This is not the first time the mother says she has told the school about bullying.

She says she’s made multiple reports before and nothing was done until now but the superintendent says there are no documented complaints of bullying.

The superintendent told KJRH, they did not discipline the boys until the next morning when they could hear both sides and from witnesses.

According to Fox 23, the superintendent said the two boys will not return to school for the remainder of the semester.

Nowata Public Schools released a statement and said:

“On Thursday March 23 we had an incident on a school bus that resulted in one of our students being injured. Once the incident was brought to our attention law enforcement was notified and we began an investigation. Since the incident took place after school was dismissed, our investigation could not be completed until this morning when we had access to every student who may have witnessed the incident. Due to federal and state privacy laws we cannot release any personal information about our students and that includes discipline actions. What I can confirm is that as of 9:15 this morning the situation was handled appropriately by our elementary administration.”