Oklahoma woman rides on same plane as Senator Lankford, gives him letter

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Kendall Brown is living with Crohn's disease.

However, she says the Affordable Care Act has helped provide her with the treatment and care she needs.

“And I was put on a form of chemo, and first of all I was only able to have the surgery because of the A.C.A.,” said Brown.

But under the new GOP's proposed health care bill, Brown fears she could lose her health insurance.

She called and wrote her local elected official, Senator James Lankford.

But she says she never received a response.

The senator earlier this week held a Facebook live conversation with voters where Lankford said he was stuck in Washington.

“We're trying to work out town halls when I'm back around Easter. Last time I was in the state was four weeks ago, three weeks ago, something like that,” said Lankford.

But Kendall’s luck changed Thursday night on a flight back home to Oklahoma city.

“So whenever I got on the plane and I saw him, it felt like it was too serendipitous of a moment to not seize it.”

Senator Lankford was actually on her same flight headed home for an emergency trip.

Kendall seized the opportunity for a captive audience and even tweeted a photo of Lankford.

“Right before I put my phone in airplane mode, it popped up a notification that he had liked my tweet,” she said.

After several other tweets, Kendall took things up a notch.

“So as we were taking off, I wrote a letter to him saying 'this is the girl that just tweeted at you.'”

She handed him a handwritten letter that read, “I'm a 30-year-old Oklahoman that's living an incurable genetic disease that I was born with.”

The senator took her note and told her he'd be in contact.

Kendall knows she can't change his vote but just wants to sit down for a cup of coffee and talk.

Lankford did call Brown late this afternoon from a block number so she didn't pick up.

He did leave a voicemail saying he hopes they can talk sometime soon.

His office says he’ll call again this weekend.