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This 42 year old Sooner fan with Down Syndrome got the biggest present of his life when the band came to play

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OKARCHE, OKLAHOMA -- You don't have to step very far into Kyle Winstead's room at the Center of Family Love facility to see what he loves best.

Anything with OU or Sooner on it is a favorite.

Anything on his stereo that plays the Eagles is also a favorite.

Oh yeah, and we caught him on his 42nd birthday.

That meant cards, balloons, and presents.

But there was one gift that came way after the chocolate cake and the party.

He and his fellow residents at their home in Okarche went outside.

Kyle said hello to his friends, and then his surprise came.

A small but very loud contingent of the OU Pride marching band came around the corner playing his favorite song.

Ed Averyt is a family friend.

He came out to the center last week and heard about Kyle's birthday coming up.

His wife Tanya played clarinet for the band in her day.

She made a call and, suddenly, Kyle had a play date with his favorite group not named Eagle.

"This was a bright ray of sunshine in every sense of the word," he said.

The band played on.

Kyle got his bucket list wish.

Staff at the facility that served disabled adults 18 and older said it was the best party they ever had.

"This was huge," said Center CEO Debbie Espinosa. "It was great for our residents. We couldn't have asked for a better surprise."

Members of the band said they play better for an enthusiastic audience.

"We're happy to help and support these people," said trumpet player Wyatt Ticer.

"You even play birthdays," remarked a facility visitor.

"We'll even play birthday gigs," he laughed.

His family and friends tell us that Kyle will often says it's his birthday just about any day of the week.

Ask him what's going on and he'll tell you first that OU won.

Such a relentlessly bright outlook has its own rewards, but on his true birthday his best and biggest gift was a huge 'Boomer Sooner' and one of the nicest 'play it forwards' we've ever found.

Kyle's parents take their son to all the OU Sooner home football games.

For more information about the Center of Family Love go to http://www.centeroffamilylove.org