Video: Oklahoma City Thunder players dub Russell Westbrook “MVP of the world”

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Can we all please be friends with the ‘Stache Bros’ already?

On Monday, Oklahoma City Thunder’s Enes Kanter posted yet another video supporting teammate Russell Westbrook deserves the ‘Most Valuable Player’ title this season.

The video also features players Steven Adams, Domantas Sabonis, Alex Abrines, Nick Collison – and even “the godfather of the mustache.”

“We agreed that we will honor Russell Westbrook, the only man on planet earth who is manlier than the man, Tom Selleck,” Kanter said.

In the video, the Stache Bros play the fashion game ‘Who Wore it Better?’ and show off special handshakes with the two All-Rookie Team candidates.

“Enes, is that an angel?” Adams said of Westbrook and Sabonis’s side-by-side.

“No, but Russell does look like he’d jump off the page of GQ,” Kanter said. “Domantas, you look like a farmer, bro. I’m not gonna lie.”

“Is it even close?” Kanter said of Westbrook and Abrines’s side-by-side.

“It’s not your fault you can’t wear it like the MVP,” Adams said.

Collison is then seen in yet another part of the house and cued to run more footage of Westbrook, with fan chants in the background.

The video ends with the players saying “And, that’s why he is the MVP of the world.”

Westbrook is expected to be in a tight race with Houston Rockets’ James Harden, San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard and Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James for the title.

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