13-year-old Oklahoma girl escapes after being forced into prostitution

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Police have arrested Deonte Smith in connection

TULSA, Okla. – A 13-year-old girl is in protective custody after authorities say she was forced into prostitution.

Police say it all started when the victim met 26-year-old Deonte Smith at a party several weeks ago.

The pair reconnected after the girl ran away from her parents’ home and started staying with Smith at a motel in Tulsa.

While staying with Smith, officials tell KJRH the girl was forced to have sex for money.

Sgt. Todd Evans, with the Tulsa Police Department, says Smith was advertising the girl online, charging between $100 and $250 for encounters with her.

Recently, she was able to escape.

“She had enough time to get out of the room. She ran to a friend’s house who is a student, went to high schools in the area and told her friend what was going on. The friend also believing this wasn’t the right thing to do either reached out to teachers at the school and the school is the one who called the police initially,” Sgt. Evans said.

Smith was arrested on complaints of human trafficking and first-degree rape of a minor.

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