Large hole and exposed wires make mom uneasy

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MOORE, Okla. - A mother says the mess in her backyard is dangerous for her kids and pets.

She’s frustrated with the company that put it there.

AT&T dug the hole.

Now Stephanie Sinyard says she can't get them to fill the hole back up.

“I've called them 27 times,” she said. “They say they're not worried about the wires, but I'm worried about the wires.”

The same goes for the orange barrier fence that AT&T put up.

She says it doesn't exactly calm her nerves.

“Any kid, just like a dog, is going be like, ‘Oh I want to see what's in there and go underneath it.”

Her dogs already got a hold of the wiring and there is more damage to her wood fence.

The concrete that was anchoring down one the posts caved in.

“They said they would be back the next day to fix it and nothing,” she said.

Stephanie says the day the work was done one of the crew members showed back up on her doorstep with an apology and an explanation.

She says this crew had the wrong house the whole time and they were supposed to be working across the street at a neighbor’s house.  

Stephanie says her family isn't even an AT&T customer.

We emailed and called AT&T who got on the ball.

They sent us this statement:

“Our goal is to minimize impact on residents when we work in any community and today we completed our planned maintenance project. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for residents in the area."

Everything is put back together now.

The crew worked fast.

Stephanie said, “I'm very relieved,” she said. “Now my dogs can come back out here and not chew. They are digging a little bit, but at least I know they're safe and the kids are safe.”

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