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Oklahoma students praised for supporting substitute teacher battling terminal cancer

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EDMOND, Okla. - Students at Heartland Middle School have been busy!

Their new school is full of hard-working and caring kids.

The pep rally inside the gym at Heartland Middle School is firing up the student body.

They’re celebrating some of the good things happening at the school, whether it’s the special Olympians preparing for their next competition, the rockin’ student band, or the choir.

The choir singers might look familiar because just last week NewsChannel 4 featured them taking a special field trip.

It was a visit to see substitute teacher, Larry Jackson, who is battling terminal cancer.

“It just uplifts me from the bottom of the ground, where I’m about to pass out, to sky high," said Jackson.

Normally, he’d be teaching in one of the classrooms at the school.

“What he’s shown the students, the last semester, is that it’s important to fight for what’s important. And to be there for the people you love and do what you love as you fight," said choir teacher Angela McKenna.

McKenna thought the time was right to show their love and support for Mr. Jackson.

Because of this amazing and emotional gesture, our sponsor McDonald’s recognizes Heartland Middle School as a great example of what’s right with our schools.

“It really shows how selfless, what selflessness can do for young people. And I hope it’s something they carry with them into their adult lives," said Principal Jason Galloway.

KFOR partners with McDonald's to recognize outstanding things happening in Oklahoma schools.

The school was presented with a $600 check because of their work in this program.

If you have something to share about 'What's Right With Our Schools' send us a short note.

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