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Tulsa police searching for couple accused of kidnapping their children

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Tulsa police: Children in danger, couple accused of child abuse still in Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. – Authorities in Tulsa are searching for a couple who is accused of child abuse after they allegedly kidnapped their children during a supervised visit.

Police say Christopher Smith, Jr. and Shaquelle Cantrell were charged after accusations of child abuse surfaced.

Reports indicate that Smith is accused of beating two of the children, while Cantrell allowed the alleged abuse.

Police tell FOX 23 that the couple’s three children had been taken away from their home because of those child abuse accusations.

Now, officials say they are concerned because Smith, Cantrell and their three children are missing.

Authorities allege that the couple took the children during a supervised visit in February.

“I just think they’re being kept, held somewhere, kept out of the sight of the public. Do I think that they are being abused? Very likely,” said Cpl. Mark Kraft, with the Tulsa Police Department.

Originally, detectives believed the couple was headed toward Ohio. However, police say they have received new information that leads them to believe they may be hiding out in Tulsa.

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