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The single most asked question we receive here for our OKC Storm Shelters at Oklahoma Shelters is: What is the cost? We have Storm Shelters starting at $2400 plus installation and delivery.

All of our OKC Storm Shelters meet FEMA requirements. We have install dates within the next 7 to 10 days.  They are rated to withstand an F5 Tornado.  We have a small, medium, large, and extra large.  We custom build all of our shelters and they Meet or Exceed FEMA requirement and they are rated to withstand an F5 Tornado.

Convenience is the key when it comes to safety during a storm.  Our underground OKC Storm Shelters can be installed in your garage and don’t require the use of valuable square footage in your garage.  An underground garage shelter is also out of the weather and out of harm’s way when its time to get in the shelter during a tornado warning.  All of our underground garage shelters are built with the following specifications:

Heavy duty steel construction
Shield coating to prevent rusting or corrosion
1/4″ solid steel lids
Sliding lid as well as secondary back door release from inside
Angle iron ridges to prevent floating
Lock sliding door design includes a secondary opening hatch
Removable metal steps and benches covered with our non-slip coating
Store away handrail
Vent hole on sliding lid
10 Year Warranty against leaks and corrosion

If you have room in your backyard or front yard. You can also consider a Slope Top or Flat Top Cement Shelter.    These OKC Storm Shelters are underground shelters and are 6’2” high. The problem in some city neighborhoods is there is not enough room to get the shelter truck in the backyard. To install an underground cement shelter we need enough room to get the shelter truck into the yard. The truck will need to backup exactly to where you want the shelter to go. We have 2 sizes for Underground Cement shelters Slope Top 6’x8’x6’2” high, 7’x10’x6’2” high. The Flat Tops are 5’x7’x6’2” high, and 7’x10’x6’2” high. For people who have trouble walking down stairs or need to have something wheelchair accessible we also have Steel Safe Rooms.  Our Safe Rooms are custom built and come in several sizes, they have a 3 foot door and are 6’2” high. The Safe Rooms are also rated to withstand an F-5 Tornado.

When we install underground garage OKC Storm Shelters in the garage. We mark the garage floor and cut out the slab.  Then we dig out the dirt to the size required for the shelter.  After it has been dug out and is level we unload the garage shelter and lower it into the hole and finish installing the shelter.  We concrete the bottom and at the top we use rebar at the top when we finish concreting the shelter.

The bigger Storm Shelters OKC cost more due to fact that they have more steel for the shelter, they require more work for the install (digging and dirt removal) and more concrete when completing the installation.

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To get a quote on a shelter you can call us at (405) 300-0950 for a free consultation or contact us here.

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