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Dateline NBC profiles murder of OKC woman

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Jarrae Estepp was just 15-years-old when she started selling herself to strangers on South Robinson Avenue.

Young and pretty, Esteep was very popular on the streets.

"She was out here daily, all day long for all of 2011 and 2012," said Video Vigilante Brian Bates, who regularly documents street prostitution in South Oklahoma City.

Bates remembers Estepp went by the street names "Sarah" and "Honeybee."

She was particularly hard to forget after she became pregnant and continued to work as a street prostitute.

"Men would line up. And the more pregnant she was, the more they would line up for her," Bates said. "When you have nothing, I think she would cling to that little bit of notoriety."

Notoriety would eventually define her.

Estepp traveled to California in 2014 and according to police, was working as a prostitute when she turned a trick with two killers.

Police say two registered sex offenders brutally murdered her and dumped her body in a dumpster.

Her case led detectives to other victims.

"Her work on the street made her a prime target for predators. The only silver lining that can be taken from her tragic death is the fact that only because of her tragic death these two serial killers were exposed," said Bates.

Friday night, Dateline NBC unraveled the mystery of Jarrae Estepp's death.

They showed how detectives in California caught up with the killers, and how they discovered there were more victims.

The details of the crimes are so horrific, one of the defendants Steven Gordon, begged his own jury for a death sentence.

The jury granted his wish and sentenced Gordon to death for the murder of Estepp and three others.

Jarrae Estepp's family tells NewsChannel 4 she had escaped a life of prostitution before she was killed.

According to her mother, Yolanda Linder, Jarrae had a job cleaning rooms at a hotel in Oklahoma.

Estepp's family still lives in Oklahoma, where they are caring for her young son.

Linder made this statement about her daughter's death:

"The lost (sic) of my daughter has destroyed my life. I not only lost my daughter but my best friend. She is missed and loved by so many she was the light of my life and a very special person on 3/13 my our lives changed forever to know we will never see that amazing smile or get the chance to laugh and hold her again hurts my heart so much."

The bodies of the other California victims have never been found.

The trial for the second accused serial murderer, Franc Cano still has not been scheduled.