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OKC grandmother desperate for roof over her head

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Wanette Mitchell says she's essentially homeless.

Apartment 2 at Ridgecrest Place was supposed to be her fresh start.

She tells the In Your Corner team she signed a lease with property manager, Don Gardner, 6 weeks ago, but she can't find him to get the key.

“This is the receipt he gave me,” she said. “$680 bucks for rent and deposit for March.”

Wanette's story goes like this.

She was supposed to get a key and copy of the lease the next day, even reserved a U-Haul and recruited friends and family to help her move, but Gardner hasn't been seen or heard from since.

“He won’t answer any numbers,” she said. “He don’t return my texts or anything.”

 Just like Wanette we were greeted by Gardner's voicemail.

We were able to track down guy who owns the building from Tuscon, Arizona.

He tells the In Your Corner team Gardner is his handy man and collects rent and confirms Gardner deposited Wanette's cash into his business account and her money is still there! 

Thursday the landlord got Wanette her refund!

“Yes. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said.

She got an apology too.

“I'm just happy I got my money back.”

Gardner finally called us back.

He claims his phone has been broken, so he had no idea anyone was trying to get a hold of him.

He disputes there was ever a lease, just a verbal agreement and the deposit and rent money was to hold the apartment for an April 15th move-in date.

Wanette says that’s just not true.

“Never. No,” she said.

She’s choosing to let things go, so she can focus on finding a new place to rent.

The landlord from Arizona says the first he heard about Wanette's situation was Wednesday. 

He assures us he will get to the bottom of things to make sure something like this can't happen again.