Oklahoma child writes letter to city council to save community pool

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Asking to keep community pool open for the summer.

PRYOR, Okla. – Makaelyn Smith wants to be the President of the United States when she gets older.

While she’s only 9-years-old, she’s already taking on a local city council.

“My grandma told me that they were closing down the pool and one day she told me I could write a note to city council,” she told KJRH. “When we got home, I decided that I would write a note to city council.”

Pryor, like many cities across Oklahoma, is in the midst of a budget crunch.

Due to a shortfall in sales tax revenue, city leaders decided that some public locations would have to close in order to save money. One of those places is the pool that serves everyone in Mayes County.

Smith didn’t like the idea of a summer without the pool, so she immediately wrote a letter to the city council to ask for the pool to remain open.

“It was nice to see that Makaelyn was engaged in the community and she feels like she has a voice here and that’s what we want to see happen,” Pryor councilwoman Jill Sherman White said.

After receiving the letter, the city council came up with a plan to keep the pool open but raise admission prices.

The Cherokee Nation heard about Smith’s plea and decided to donate $10,000 to keep the pool open.

“I thought we need to have more people that will stand up for their community like this child does,” said Cherokee Nation Tribal Counselor Janees Taylor.