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Oklahoma woman finds father after 47 years, didn’t know he had a daughter until a few months ago

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Video chatting is the new normal for Casey Phillips and her father Richard Pearson who lives in Arizona.

He was in the Vietnam War. She was born in Vietnam in 1969.

But it wasn't until a couple of months ago that she figured out Pearson was her long lost father.

It started with a DNA test on 23andMe that put her in touch with a relative she never knew.

"From her, we find out her mother's cousin was my dad and was a Navy Seal during Vietnam War," Phillips said.

That was in January of this year. Soon after, she found his name and a Facebook post he had with his cell phone number on it.

A key moment in unlocking a 47 year mystery.

"’Is this Richard Pearson that was a Navy Seal in Moc Hoa in 1969?’ and I said 'yes it is.' And he said 'well, I think I'm married to your daughter,' and I kind of lost my breath for a moment," Richard said.

That's because he was sent out of that country before Casey's mom could tell Richard there was a baby on the way.

"I left. I didn't know she was pregnant. When I got the call I was happy that there was a part of that era that was in me," Pearson said.

But there was one more thing they wanted to do to make sure this was a perfect match.

"It took a week to get the paternity test done. He called me that morning and he was like, 'hi daughter.' We are 99.999% matched."

The next day he flew to Oklahoma City.

The decades long wait was now over for Casey.

A homecoming she never thought would happen.

"I saw this man in a wheelchair and I just feel I had a feeling I knew him," she said.

And now she feels like she's got a father. Closure she received from a little internet digging and a lot of dedication to find her father.

"Just by touching him that day have given me closure that I'm not unwanted," Phillips said.