Former ‘Voice’ contestant recovering from brown recluse spider bite

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Video contains some graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

A singer who appeared on ‘The Voice’ is recovering after a venomous spider bite.

In February, singer Meghan Linsey woke up to a stinging sensation on her face.

She soon learned that she had been bitten by a brown recluse spider. She immediately went to urgent care, but was still left to deal with an array of symptoms.

“The swelling was the first thing, and then I ended up just having crazy, crazy symptoms,” Linsey told PEOPLE. “I had muscle spasms, then I had a body rash all over. They tell people to not look up things on WebMD, and I had looked up everything on WebMD and I had every symptom. Every day was another thing.”

Linsey was the 2015 runner-up on ‘The Voice’ and belonged to former country duo Steel Magnolia.

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