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Orange Tops Black in OSU Spring Game

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Boone Pickens Stadium came back to life with the 2017 Oklahoma State spring football game.

The Cowboys in orange taking on their brothers in black.

And with senior Mason Rudolph back in his final spring show, the orange got off to a hot start.

On the 3rd down of the opening drive Rudolph hit Tyrell Johnson with a 39 yard pass, his biggest play of the day, to move the chains

Junior running back Jeff Carr found the end zone first, to cap off the 10 play 75 yard opening drive, Carr had 30 yards on the day.

And not long after, Rudolph who completed 13-17 of his passes, connected with red shirt freshman LaDarren Brown on a 12 yard pass and the orange team took a 14 nothing lead into the second.

With Rudolph out Taylor Cornelius took the reigns, tossing a 22 yard touchdown pass to Obi Obialo... In the back up quarterback race, Cornelius shone... Throwing for 77 yards and rushing for 34.

A 30 yard field goal by Matt Amendola in the 4th quarter completed the shutout by the orange team, holding the black scoreless with a final score of 24-0. The Cowboys are now looking forward to summer and fall to continue their prep for the 2017 season and their quest for a Big 12 Championship.

Mason Rudolph said, "It is a big motivation for all of us. We are all excited and working towards the future and what the summer and fall camp holds, but we’ve just got to do our job day in and day out and let the rest of that stuff take care of itself.”

Mike Gundy said, “I think there is a lot of excitement. It seems like we have really good leadership. Last year I had mentioned to the media that I was concerned that we hadn't really created an identity for our team and we didn't until about the third or fourth game of the year. I think that we've somewhat created our identity now for next year's team."​

Jalen McCleskey said, "You know our running games getting a lot better, every year and we're still throwing the ball, I feel like our defense had a great spring so it's going to be a really great year.”

Ramon Richards said, "I saw a lot of young guys made plays you know like Brice Brown or even on the offense LD... a lot of young guys made plays I’m excited to see them in the future. The leadership is different, a lot of older guys not worrying about themselves, not saying anybody in the past was selfish but we got a lot of guys this year who are trying to bring the train along."

Rudolph added, "Just the group of guys the chemistry, all the different starts, there's plenty of guys out there with lots of experience and we're a tight knit group on and off the field, we're friends and we take care of each other.”