Coffee lovers, CLEAR coffee has hit the market to help keep your teeth white

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Some British coffee makers have come up with a way to save the coffee-stained teeth of coffee lovers around the globe - clear coffee!
The clear caffeinated java called CLR CFF is sold in bottles for just under $4 each.
The ingredient list includes only water, fresh Arabica coffee, and caffeine.
What does it taste like? CLR CFF makers, based in the U.K. state online their product contains only 4 calories per drink, has no additives, and "is unique in taste and flavour."
Staffers from UK-based Metro News tried the clear coffee and describe it like this: "Imagine making a caffeine of coffee and then forgetting to wash it out. The next day, you add cold water to get the very last dregs of flavour out of the wet beans – and that’s what this tastes like. Water…but an aftertaste of coffee."
The company won't reveal how it makes the clear stuff, only stating that it uses "methods which have never been used before."
Each serving punches 50 milligrams of caffeine - that's about half the caffeine of a regular 8-ounce cup.
Along with saving your pearly whites, the clear coffee may also save many white shirts.
But it won't save you any money - a 2-pack costs $7.50 plus shipping.
For right now, CLR CFF is being sold only in stores in the UK and online.
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