Human remains discovered in McClain County

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MCCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. - The McClain County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a human jaw was found along the Canadian River near Wayne.

Joe Don Harper made the discovery while looking for arrowheads.

“I had two buddies with me," Harper said. "One of them was like, yeah, that looks human, and the other one said, no, that's not.”

Harper took to Facebook and asked medical experts for their advice.

“I had a couple people come by the house to look at it, and they said, yeah, that's a human jaw,” Harper said.

He then called the McClain County Sheriff’s Office.

“We ended up packaging it up and sending it to the ME's office,” said Lt. James Richardson.

Investigators said there are several Native American burial grounds along the river, and the remains could have come from a gravesite but that is just a guess.

Detectives are waiting on results from DNA testing to know what their next step should be.

“If it was to come back a missing person, then we'll open an investigation and start looking for more remains in the area where it was located at,” Richardson said.

Harper is now waiting to find out if his discovery might lead to something much more, like a family getting closure.

“If me finding that could help solve some case, then that's great,” Harper said.

NewsChannel 4 reached out to the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office to ask when it might have the results.

The medical examiner says remains "are human remains derived from an archaeological context and will be transferred to the appropriate agency."

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