‘She fought back and eventually he left her alone,’ Attacker jumps woman on Oklahoma City walking trail

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman running on a river trail noticed a man sitting under a railroad bridge but paid little attention to him.

After all, she had seen him before, exercising, according to a police report.

She ran right by him.

"A short time later, she noticed he was very close by," said police MSgt. Gary Knight, "and actually took her to the ground and attempted to sexually assault her."

According to the police report, the man got on top of her and tried to take her pants off, grabbing her and covering her mouth all the while.

The woman fought back, according to the report, biting the attacker's finger and telling him she had AIDS before he got off and ran away, taking the woman's phone with him.

"This was a woman who was very determined not to be assaulted," Knight said. "She fought back, he left her alone and then she did the right
thing - gave us a great description of him, told us where he was headed. We were able to find him and get him off the streets."

Police arrested 21-year-old Jose Luis Garcia, a transient.

The woman did not sustain any serious injuries.

Knight said the attack shouldn't deter anyone from using the river trail, calling the incident isolated.

"These types of crimes can happen anywhere," he said. "I don't think it's necessarily about the trails. The message should be pay attention to your surroundings no matter where you are."

And, should an attack occur anyway, police said it's best to fight back.

"You do what you can to survive an attack," Knight said. "And, that's exactly what this woman did."

The Oklahoma City Parks Department called the incident "shocking," particularly because it happened around 6 p.m.

Director Doug Kupper recommended people use the buddy system when hiking, biking or jogging.

"There is safety in numbers," he said.

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