“This isn’t a crush. This is a sickness,” Victim’s mom speaks out as teacher charged with lewd acts

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. - As a superintendent's wife faces a charge of lewd acts with a child, the victim's mother is speaking out to ensure justice for her son.

"She's a predator," said the mother, who spoke to NewsChannel 4 provided she could remain anonymous for her family's protection. "I want to protect my son and any other children that are going to be after him. This isn't something that just goes away. This isn't a crush. This is a sickness. This is a disease. This is a problem that is not going to stop until it's made to stop."

Agents from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation first arrested Shelley Duncan in September, amid accusations of an inappropriate and at times sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy.

An affidavit detailed a string of flirting, suggestive text messages between the two, telling each other "I love you."

Other messages detail the pair's plans for future sexual encounters, including Duncan allegedly texting the boy she would give him "oral sex with a cough drop in her mouth."

According to court documents, Duncan allegedly told the boy: "I'm glad you love your mom so much. One of the many reasons I love you."

When the boy replied his mom was "[his] world," investigators said Duncan responded: "Probably the hottest thing u've [sic] ever said. Nothing hotter than a man that takes care of his mom."

Investigators said words turned to actions later that month, when the two met in the alternative education building where Duncan worked, touching each other inappropriately.

"We have morals, and ethics and standards as human beings, but teachers, preachers, coaches are always held to a higher standard," the boy's mother told NewsChannel 4. "They are modeling behaviors for our children. They're setting the example that we need to be. And, they failed."

Neither Duncan, who pleaded not guilty, nor her attorney could be reached for comment.

District Attorney Craig Ladd told NewsChannel 4 it was unusual for seven months to pass between an arrest and a criminal charge but said this case was unusual in itself.

The OSBI issued a supplemental report, and Ladd had to interview additional witnesses.

The length of time concerns the mother, as does the fact Duncan formerly worked as a corrections officer in Johnston County, where she is now charged.

"I feel like there's more concern about what's going to happen to her than what's going to happen to my child for standing up for himself and doing what's right," the victim's mother said. "I want justice."

A spokeswoman for the school district offered NewsChannel 4 a written statement, reading:

"Tishomingo Public Schools will continue providing full cooperation with the authorities now that charges have been filed against Shelley Duncan. She remains suspended without pay, and she has not been on school property since September 16. We want to reassure our community that the district remains steadfast in providing a learning environment that is safe for all students."

Duncan could face three to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Additional charges are possible, the DA said.

Duncan is due back in court at 1:30 p.m June 16.

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