Businesses forced to close after heavy rain, high winds knock power poles to the ground

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A powerful punch was thrown by Friday morning's storms as they moved through Oklahoma.

The heavy rains and high winds made the morning rush hour a headache for drivers, leaving behind damage near northwest 63rd and May.

Ten power poles were knocked to the ground forcing businesses to have to close. People said they have never seen anything like this.

“And we stepped outside and straight winds, they had to be about 70 or 80 miles an hour,” said Reggie Burris.

SophaBella's employee, Reggie Burris said poles came down one by one.

“And over here at the Sonic, it just started sparking up and the poles started coming down,” said Burris.

Within seconds, employees were working in the dark. Sharon Brazile, the manager of Sophabella's, said she anticipated the electricity to come back on quickly but it didn't come back on at all.

“That's what we thought, until we walked outside and saw everything with all the poles laying down everywhere,” said Brazile.

Brazile said, the restaurant was planning a catering event for a large crowd.

"We had 1,800 people catering and we were cooking in our catering kitchen," said Brazile.

But like the scene outside, that too came crashing down when the storm hit. The crew couldn't finish the meals without electricity.

Brazile said, now the company is out of hundreds of dollars.

“We're worried about everything that's in our freezers, and we had a lot of reservations for tomorrow. So, we called everybody and said sorry," she said.

As for Burris, he said with the loss of business he's worry about how he's going to pay his bills.

“I'm starting to work on plan B. You know, trying to keep my lights on in my house,” he said.

The power was out from Wilshire down to 63rd.

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