Crews cleaning up after heavy rain causes flooding at Oklahoma Capitol

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OKLAHOMA CITY – For years, lawmakers pushed for millions of dollars to be spent to renovate the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Last year, work began at the Capitol to renovate and repair the 452,000-square-foot building as part of a $245 million project.

The project isn’t expected to be finished for another five years.

While many drivers were busy trying to avoid flooded roadways, employees at the Capitol were trying to avoid flooded hallways.

As heavy rains caused washout conditions across much of Oklahoma City, it also caused a messy situation at the Capitol.

Officials say rainwater was pouring into the basement of the Capitol as a severe storm moved through the area.

It’s a situation that employees at the Capitol have dealt with in the past.

Prior to renovations beginning at the Capitol Complex, heavy rain had caused flooding in the basement of the Capitol in 2015.

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