Edmond woman thrown from her vehicle as it’s being stolen

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EDMOND, Okla - It was an ill-advised 4 a.m. trip to Wal-Mart for pasta and perfume.

Somewhere between the parking lot and spaghetti aisle, the victim lost her car keys.

"She realized she didn't have her keys when she was in the store, looking to see if she had dropped them," said Edmond Police Department spokesperson, Jenny Wagnon.

She returned to the parking lot to check on her car and heard her car alarm.

She bolted toward the Subaru Forester with no intention of giving up her car without a fight.

The victim jumped into the passenger door and that's when things spiraled out of control.

According to Wagnon, "She completely startles the woman stealing the car. That woman hits the gas which causes our victim to fall out of the car but she was also able to take the suspect's purse as she fell out of the car."

Inside the purse, a treasure trove of stolen property.

Investigators found two Oklahoma Driver licenses, an Oklahoma ID card, several credit cards with different names, gift cards, an LG tablet, and a cell phone which may belong to the suspect.

Other than a few cuts, the victim was not injured.

"We don't encourage people to jump in when your car is being stolen. But she did get the suspects purse which will help lead us to that suspect," said Wagnon.

Investigators have not identified a suspect yet, but they'd like to talk to two women and a man who came in and out of the I-35 Walmart about the time the car was stolen.

The car was recovered near an Oklahoma City strip club 24 hours later.

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