Homeowners opposing Warren Theatre in OKC plan to take fight to court

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Not in my neighborhood.

That’s what a group of homeowners are saying about a new Warren Theater planned for a development off the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

Now, they plan to take their fight to court.

It’s a peaceful pocket of green on our city’s northeast side.

The serenity brings Linda Airington there every day.

“It’s beautiful, it’s peaceful. I can walk my dog off leash,” Airington said.

A little more than 100 acres will be developed for commercial and office use south of the turnpike.

One of Warren’s luxury movie complexes will sit on about 8 acres.

It’ll be about half the size of the theater in Moore.

“It makes me mourn to think of this becoming a parking lot, lights, and disturbing the peacefulness of this area,” Airington said.

The developer, abiding by city ordinance, talked with people who live within 600 feet of the project, and they were okay with it.

People who live farther away – within a mile or so – aren’t happy.

Opponents voiced their concerns to the city council last month, but it was nearly a unanimous vote to rezone.

“I think we won our argument but lost the vote, so now it’s like what do we do next?” Porter Davis said.

Homeowners tell NewsChannel 4 they plan to challenge whether the development meets OKC’s master plan.

Essentially, it’s a plan required by state law that gives direction for housing and economic development.

“It talks about things like, preserving the rural character of rural neighborhood, preserving the ecosystem, helping to maintain sustainability, not doing anything to damage neighborhoods on purpose,” Davis said.

The developer and their attorneys have spent the past couple months dispelling rumors about the possibility of liquor stores and casinos.

The homeowners have until May 9th to file their lawsuit.

Attorneys for the developer told NewsChannel 4 they don’t have a comment since the lawsuit has not been filed yet.

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