“She’s my angel,” Woman rescued by good Samaritan after being stranded in flood waters

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EDMOND, Okla. – As severe storms thundered across the state Friday morning, torrential rain led to flooding across the metro.

Near Danforth and Western, a creek overflowed onto the road and that’s where an abandoned Mercedes was partially submerged.

But who did the car belong to?

After about an hour, a man came to the scene and told NewsChannel 4 his wife was the one trapped.

“She couldn’t even drive the car at all when it happened. She was just really stuck in water,” he said.

He then took us to his home where we met his wife.

“At that time, the water wasn’t so heavy,” said Karin Man. “I didn’t even see in the front. So I just keep moving and moving my car and it turns out it was flooding. I did not know I was in a high water area.”

She tried to drive out of the water.

“Tried to push further down to the gas pedal but it was just even worse and it just stayed there and stayed there,” said Man.

It was no use. But help soon rolled in.

“I couldn’t see how deep it was, but I saw her car and so I stopped for her to make sure she was okay because the water was up to like, halfway up her door,” said Juli Southerland.

“I just saw her waving and she just came toward me and was like, ‘come on, come on, come on. Come to my car.’ I said, ‘what?’ and then at that time I tried to save my car, but I think it’s not going to work.”

Man then climbed out of her window into Southerland’s car.

“I decided to just move and climb from my car to her car and she just saved my life,” said Man. “Yeah, she’s my angel.”

“I couldn’t leave her in her car stranded,” said Southerland. “That’s just horrible. I’m not going to just drive by and leave her there.”

Both women plan on being friends for years to come.

However, when it comes to flooding, it’s always best to turn around and not chance it.

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