Officials still searching for clues related to 20-year-old woman’s disappearance

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YUBA CITY, Calif. – Family and friends are still holding out hope that 20-year-old Alycia Yeoman will be found alive.

Yeoman was reported missing on April 1, but was last seen on March 30 at a friend’s house.

Around 8 p.m., Aly was last seen driving her truck to the home of a male friend.

Several hours later, security video from a homeowner in a nearby town captured Aly’s truck driving on a levee near an orchard. However, it isn’t clear who is driving.

The next morning, Aly didn’t show up for work and no one could reach her.

A few days later, her truck and cell phone were found abandoned at that orchard in Live Oak.

“Aly has never missed work in her two jobs, therefore this completely out of character,” a statement from her family read. “We firmly believe in our hearts that Aly is alive and needs our help.”

A week later, Aly’s mother received a series of text messages claiming that she wouldn’t get her daughter back unless she paid a ransom.

Investigators eventually tracked down the person who sent the messages, but officials say they had nothing to do with Aly’s disappearance, according to NBC News.

Since then, search crews have been scouring the area to look for evidence that may be related to her disappearance.

So far, little information about the case has been released, according to KTXL.

Family members, the FBI and local businesses have pitched in to create a $55,500 reward for information leading to Yeoman.