“It would be sad to lose a pet like that,” Lost parakeet reunited with owner

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EDMOND, Okla. - Students here at Summit Middle School got a surprise visitor when they were on the playground Thursday morning.

A pretty parakeet landed on one student's shoulder.

"We were playing with one of our buddies and it landed on one of our buddies, and everyone walked toward him and we just had fun,” Kiele Cho, an eighth grade student at Summit Middle School, said.

A colorful little parakeet that was lost from home was seemingly looking for some playmates.

"It was very odd. It landed on one of them, and it was very trusting. It let us pet it,” Chloe Clinton, and eighth grade student that found the parakeet, said.

Their new feathered friend loved the attention. In fact, it was perched on a student's shoulder and did not want to fly off.

"We tried to put it in a box when we walked over here, but it flew out and it landed on me and so we just walked up with it and took it to the office,” Cho said.

A parent took the parakeet to Stoneridge Animal Hospital in Edmond, hoping that its rightful owner will claim it.

"She looks like she's been well care for. She doesn't look like she's been out in the wild or lost for a long time. She looks real good,” Emy Groves, a vet technician at Stoneridge Animal Hospital, said.

In addition to being well cared for, the pet is also extremely friendly.

"For me, my pets are like family. They're part of the family, and I just hope they get it back because it seems so loved and so cared for that it would be sad to lose a pet like that,” Clinton said.

The little escape artist was held at the hospital until the rightful owners, Ashley and Justin, found her.

The bird, whose name is Sweet Pea, got out during Tuesday night's storm.