Oklahoma state senator resigns amid criminal investigation

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OKLAHOMA CITY - State Senator Kyle Loveless resigned from his office Thursday morning.

His resignation letter said "I tender this resignation with much regret. Mistakes I have made are the responsibility of no one other than myself."

NewsChannel 4 learned, two months ago, Loveless was the subject of an Ethics Commission investigation over nearly $30,000 in campaign contributions that had not been reported.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater also confirmed his office was conducting their own criminal investigation into this.

"We were aware there might be some ethics problems. I did not know the extent of these problems, but obviously there are problems that had to be addressed," said Senator Ron Sharp.

Sharp said Loveless told members of the republican caucus about his decision around 9 Thursday morning.

"Very emotional. He was my classmate when we came in, in 2012. A fine legislator," Sharp said.

Legal analyst Ed Blau said he suspects the sudden resignation might have something to do with possible prosecution.

"A DA can say, if you'd like to avoid prison time, you can resign or I will hold off on filing charges and make sure you resign and, once you do, I will feel that the public is protected," Blau said.

Sharp described Loveless as an honorable and good legislator but said there are pressures they can face in public office.

"We're not immune from the family's problems and from financial problems, and you could make mistakes, and obviously there could be mistakes made and unfortunately there are consequences for mistakes," Sharp said.

Prater confirmed he met with Loveless' criminal attorney on Tuesday but would not specify exactly what was discussed at the meeting.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed against Loveless.