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Police need your help catching men who robbed and ran over pregnant woman twice

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HOUSTON, Texas - A 25-year-old woman, four months pregnant, made a withdrawal from a Houston bank that ended with her face being run over, then her legs, while her baby was miraculously unharmed.

Police say as the woman walked to her vehicle, a male passenger in the car next to hers jumped out, grabbed her bag of money, while the driver immediately backed out, running over the woman's head first, leaving a deep gash across her forehead that needed stitches, along with multiple facial fractures.

The men then pulled forward again to change direction, and reversed over her body once more, leaving the woman's ankle split open with a compound fracture.

Both times, the woman's stomach was untouched, leaving her baby unscathed.

"Not worrying at all as to whether she was dead or not. All he cared about was the money," Detective Jeff Brieden told KPRC. "And she clearly gets run over. They know that they ran over her. You can clearly tell in the video."

The crime happened in February but Houston police have been unable to find the two suspects and are now releasing the surveillance video, hoping someone might recognize the vehicle involved - a white, four-door Buick.

If you have any information, please give Houston Police a call at (713)884-3131.