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All-abilities theater production shows actors a whole new world of teamwork

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An all-abilities theater production is showing us a whole new world of teamwork.

Parker and Crayton both play Aladdin in this stage production.

"And I'll just be behind him acting it out or sometimes I'll help him out with a line, but I'm just the shadow,” Crayton Haney said.

Parker is the star and Crayton mirrors him. It's a concept by Kids Alive! Kaleidoscope, which pairs children with disabilities with more experienced child actors.

"Awesome, wonderful and I love to have him as a partner," Parker Case said.

"When you combine the two, you have this wonderful mix of the joy and the technique that unite together,” Shawna Linck, founder of Kaleidoscope KidsAlive! said.

Crayton says this experience has taught him a lot about performing.

"It's a whole new way of acting. He sees the world differently and it's cool to see it through his eyes," he said.

It's hard to believe Dax Batchelder, 7, couldn't speak less than three years ago.

He's got two actors mirroring him as Genie.

"They are the lamp and they let me come out," Dax Batchelder said.

"You just get to see how excited they are about doing it and working with them is just really fun," Quinlynn Spearman, performer with KidsAlive! Said.

KidsAlive! started two years ago, but this is their first time to do a full production with costumes.

"When they learn to be team players, they learn leadership skills. They learn to stand up in front of a group and speak what's inside," Linck said.

It's a whole new magical experience for children who might not have the opportunity without the help of their new friends.

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