“We create monsters,” Mother of man accused in baby’s death upset with his release from jail

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A man accused of sexually assaulting and killing his 8-month-old is set to be released from jail.

DETROIT, Mich. – A man accused of sexually assaulting and killing a baby is soon to be a free man.

Authorities allege that 22-year-old James Saltmarshall II was staying in a motel with 8-month-old Janiyah Saltmarshall last week.

He called 911, saying she fell, hit her head and wasn’t breathing.

When she was rushed to a hospital, investigators said she had injuries consistent with a sexual assault.

Saltmarshall was ultimately arrested and charged with first-degree murder and first-degree criminal sexual assault.

“At times, we create monsters and I may have created one of those monsters,” Saltmarshall’s mother told WXYZ.

Prosecutors say that they need more time to investigate and gather forensic evidence in the case.

In the meantime, the judge is releasing Saltmarshall on his own recognizance.

WXYZ reports that Saltmarshall must avoid contact with children and will have a GPS monitor.

“If you tell him to go right, he’s going to go left. He’s not going to follow those rules,” she said.

If he violates the conditions of his release, he will be put back behind bars and held on a $2 million bond.