Oklahoma toddler recovering after being bitten by copperhead snake

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Copperhead snake bites Kingston, Okla. toddler

KINGSTON, Okla. – An Oklahoma toddler is recovering after he was bit by a venomous snake.

Christy Jarvis told KXII that her 2-year-old son, Kendelle Ragle, and another child were playing outside when she heard her son scream.

Initially, she thought her son had stepped on a sticker but noticed three little bite marks on his foot.

When his foot began to swell, they rushed him to a nearby hospital.

“The swelling got pretty bad,” Jarvis told KXII.

Kendelle was eventually transferred to an Oklahoma City hospital to receive anti-venom. Family members ultimately found the snake and identified it as a copperhead.

Experts say copperhead snakes like to hide in dead leaves and low lying areas. When the temperature rises, they often head to fields or creek bottoms.

They warn that the snakes may be more lethargic during the spring and less likely to flee from a person.

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