Neighbors fear dogs next door after dog attack left family pet in ICU

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City family says they are concerned about their safety after their pet was attacked by a neighbor's dog.

Several months ago, Blake Shannon says that his dog, Journey, was rushed to an animal hospital after she was attacked by a neighbor's dog.

Shannon says his next-door neighbor called to say that his dog broke through the fence and got in a scuffle with Journey.

"Her throat was chewed up pretty bad. She had multiple puncture wounds all around her neck, and throughout her entire body and then one of her rear legs was almost chewed in half," he said.

Journey was in the ICU for several months, and Shannon's neighbor ended up paying for the vet bills.

Last October, they also installed a new fence but Shannon says that hasn't stopped the neighbor's dogs from attempting to break into their yard.

"My daughter was in our backyard playing and one of their dog's heads got underneath the fence again and tried to bite my daughter's legs,” Shannon said.

Shannon says that he and his wife are expecting a baby soon, and plan to sell their house because of the dogs.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare and the Oklahoma City Police Department have come out several times, but Shannon doesn't feel like they do enough.

"We did have a failure to confine citation that was signed back in the summer of last year. We weren't able to make contact with the owner, but we did file it with the court,” Jon Gary, Superintendent of OKC Animal Welfare, said.

NewsChannel 4 spoke with Shannon's neighbor, who says that he is sorry that his dog attacked Journey.

"We broke it up. We saved the dog's life. We took her to the vet,” Stephen Gordon said. "I truly regret that his dog got hurt. I think we did everything we could to resolve the situation."

Shannon says after seeing recent TV reports of dogs attacking an elderly woman, he's not taking any chances with his kids.

"This backyard was supposed to be their childhood. This is where they're supposed to make memories and we are scared to even come out here most of the time," he said.

Shannon also hired an attorney and is asking Gordon to permanently remove the dogs from the backyard, install a digging barrier and $15,000 in emotional damages and injury to their dog.

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