Storm damage to metro church forces graduations, worship services to be relocated

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Storms from last weekend caused significant damage to one metro church.

First Presbyterian Church in northwest Oklahoma City sustained damage to a large stained glass window.

Pieces of glass, along with the concrete support and the structure, fell into the sanctuary and damaged some of the furniture inside.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking because the windows are a big part of what makes this worship space what it is,” said Rev. John McKinnon.

And what’s worse, the entire window structure buckled inward and could collapse.

Worship services have been moved to the church’s chapel and graduations have also been relocated.

“Harding Charter Prep, Astec, and Heritage Hall were all on our books and had reserved the space for graduations,” said McKinnon.

Both Astec and Harding Charter Schools say they will have their graduation ceremonies at Oklahoma City Community College.

Heritage Hall told us they are still looking for a venue.

The cost of the window repair isn’t cheap.

“The stained glass portion is going to be about $200,000,” said McKinnon, who also noted the window would have to be rebuilt entirely. The process could take several months.

The church also sustained other property damage, including damage to the roof.