Wild night of sex takes violent turn at Edmond park

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EDMOND, Okla - Energetic, cheerful screams of a child. It's what you'd expect in any neighborhood park.

Heather Norcom is a parent and homeowner in Pebble Creek.

"We come out especially on days when it's beautiful like it's been," she said.

But one recent night, it was cries for help that got the attention of police and residents in Edmond's Pebble Creek.

Someone called 911 to report that she and her friends were being attacked.

DISPATCHER: "Ma'am, take a deep breath and tell me what your address is."

DISPATCHER: "What's the problem there?"

CALLER: "He's beating her up. ( Inaudible) There's blood everywhere."

Police arrived to find three women and 19-year-old Chandler Bostic.

Authorities say he found the ladies on Backpage.com and hired them for two hours of sex.

"He felt like they wanted to steal his $500 so he was making sure they couldn't leave with that," said Police spokesperson Jenny Wagnon.

According to the police report, one of the the girls tried to set some boundaries.

Bostic admitted "he grabbed the victim and punched her."

When her friends tried to intervene, "he just started swinging in self defense."

"They'd been punched in the face. Swollen face, scratches and head wounds. They'd been beaten pretty good," said Wagnon.

The girls went to the hospital.

Bostic was booked into jail on assault and battery and public intoxication charges.

Heather Norcom said her family friendly park has sadly lost its innocence.

"I was shocked. I had no idea. I would not imagine that happening around here," she said.

Authorities say the girls were also allegedly engaged in illegal activity but they have not been charged with any crime.