Metro teen jumps into zoo enclosure, ends up in handcuffs

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Zoo says a 16-year-old teen from Newcastle scaled not one, but two barriers to jump into zebra enclosure on Monday. He was at the park for a class field trip.

The zoo says the zebras were frightened and Oklahoma City Police say the teen chased the animals around.

Zoo officials says the incident only lasted a few minutes and guests at the park reported the incident.

Zoo security made contact with the boy after he climbed out of the enclosure and he allegedly confessed to the incident.

Police were called and say the teen was handcuffed and had jumped into the enclosure in an effort to get a girl's phone number.

Police say he was later released to his father and given a criminal trespassing citation, which is a municipal misdemeanor.

"The safety and security of our guests and animals is our top priority," said Barry Downer, the zoo's deputy director. "Our animal habitats are designed both to keep animals in and to keep the public out, so situations such as this do not occur."

The superintendent for the Newcastle School District said he was aware of the incident, but couldn't comment due to the incident being a disciplinary matter.

We talked to some locals about the ordeal and the reactions were mixed.

“I think that girl must have been very attractive to do something like that," said Elijah Kendall. "If you’re going to jump into a cage of wild animals to get somebody’s phone number, that’s pretty funny."

Another man didn't agree.

“It’s dangerous for one," said Bill Blackwell. "You’re not supposed to be in an enclosure. There’s a reason it’s called an enclosure.”

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