Residents say they continue to have problems with same private trash service

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Trash cans on the side of the road have become a common occurrence in a southeast Oklahoma City neighborhood.

Resident said they can't even get the company they hired to pick it up.

"Our children catch the bus at the end of the driveway, where the trash is. So, to prevent possible health concerns, we have to go and pick it up before we take the children out to go catch the bus," said Michael Kotzum.

That's because the trash in Arbor Meadows hasn't been picked up by WCA Waste Corporation in more than a week.

The neighborhood is unincorporated, so the residents hired a private company to pick it up.

"The excuse that I got this time was that the trash truck had actually broken, and that they were needing to get it repaired and that they'd be out the next day. That was Wednesday of last week,” Kotzum said.

Residents said the issue has become standard.

"We've had inconsistencies with the trash pickup this entire almost year that we've been here," said Rebecca Pfingsten.

And, each time they call customer service, they said they get a different response.

"We had six other neighbors call, and there was a total of four different reasons that were given for why the trash wasn't picked up,” Kotzum said.

They prepaid for the service until June 30 but decided to eat the money and move on to another private waste company.

That brought more problems.

"And, then they told us there was a $30 fee for having the cans picked up by them and returned to their field,” Kotzum said.

NewsChannel 4 called WCA’s customer service, called the corporate office, e-mailed the corporate office and went to WCA in Oklahoma City but couldn't get an answer either.

"We have to pay $30 to come get the garbage that's actually filled right now is not an option to us. We don't think it's fair, and we'd like it remedied by picking it up,” Pfingsten said.

Now, they'll wait hoping anyone will come and take care of the smelly situation.

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