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Texas man frustrated after businesses refuse to put image of President Trump on birthday cake

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Gainesville man turned away after President Trump birthday cake request

GAINSVILLE, Texas-  A Texas man took to social media after he says his request for a birthday cake was denied.

Mathew Burt says he went to two different grocery stores to request a birthday cake for his father’s 74th birthday.

He went to Tom Thumb, but his request was denied.

“I was wondering if I brought in a picture of Donald Trump, could you do a picture cake of Donald Trump? And she said, ‘Well, let me ask my manager if we’re able to do something like that,” Burt says.

The manager told him they would not be able to use the photo.

“I looked a little in shock and I said, ‘OK, well what’s the reason you can’t make the cake?’ And she said, ‘We have to get approval from him.’ And I said, ‘From who?’ And she said, ‘the Trump Administration’ and she had a smirk on her face,” he said.

Burt says he went to Walmart and an employee told him that they couldn’t use a copyrighted photo.

KXII reached out to both businesses who said the issue had nothing to do with who was in the photo, but rather that Burt did not own the rights to the photo so they could be sued for copyright infringement.

However, Burt disagrees.

He believes that if he brought in another photo of a different politician, his request would have been granted.