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Two Oklahoma teens rescue man trapped under fallen tree

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CRESCENT, Okla. - Bobby Webb is a handy man for the Crescent School District, capable of tackling almost any challenge.

But, recently, Webb was in a predicament he couldn't handle alone.

"Who would ever think a tree would fall on you while you're mowing?" Webb said.

It was serious. A giant stump came crashing down on top of his riding mower. Webb was pinned.

"It got on my back and started pushing down on me. I thought I'm in trouble. It started to get real serious. I was in some pain," he told us.

Webb began crying out for help.

Lucky for him, cousins Dakota Cronister and Danny Portwood were in the Crescent High School parking lot, retrieving a phone charger.

"We heard a man screaming for help. We looked over and could barely see what was happening. We saw the tree and ran over as fast as we could," Portwood said.

Together, the Tigers football players lifted the tree off of Webb.

"We squatted down and lifted up. He just said we were his angels," Cronister said.

"I believe, if we weren't there, it would have hurt him pretty bad," Portwood said.

Webb did suffer an arm injury. But, he's on the mend, back at work and grateful to two young men who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

"It's just a miracle," Webb said.

And, later this month, the city of Crescent will be honoring the high school students for their heroics.