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“It doesn’t matter who your dad is,” Oklahoma officers resign after arresting city councilman’s son

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VIAN, Okla. – A police chief and an officer in an eastern Oklahoma town have resigned, citing pushback they faced for the recent arrest of a city councilor’s son.

The Tulsa World  reports Vian Officer Lindsey Green says she resigned Monday because of scrutiny from city officials and didn’t want a termination on her record.

Police Chief Ted Johnson also resigned this week. Johnson says he and Green weren’t told they’d be fired but feared they might be for going against the council “like I did.”

The city attorney and the mayor didn’t respond to the newspaper’s calls for comment.

Green arrested Joshua Smith on May 2 for driving without a license after confirming with police dispatchers Smith’s license had been revoked. Smith was released 45 minutes later.

Johnson says driving without a license is standard grounds for arrest.