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“Heartbreaking, very heartbreaking,” One man dead after shooting in N.W. Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are investigating a shooting Thursday afternoon that left one man dead.

They responded the scene near N.W. 91st and Walker just after 2 p.m.

Officials say two men were having a verbal altercation in front of a home.

That's when one of the men shot at the other, who died at the scene.

"This appears to be, right now, a fight that got completely out of hand," said police Lt. Jeff Spruill. "It's part of our investigation to find out how this altercation sort of progressed, whether or not this person could have been in fear of their life or whether or not in fact this was well beyond what he should have been allowed to do."

The man who fired the shots has not been arrested at this time. Police are questioning him to find out the motive behind the shooting.

People in the neighborhood stood and watched as police carried out their investigation.

Some comforted the people who knew the victim.

"Nothing but wisdom come out of his mouth," said a man named Terrell, who would not give his last name but claimed to be a friend of the victim. "That's what's hard to take about it now. I never get to see this person again. Somebody that encouraged me to move on and do what I wanted to do in life."

Brenda Houston, who said the victim was her son-in-law, had a hard time wrapping her mind around what happened.

"Heartbreaking, very heartbreaking, I can't believe it," she told NewsChannel 4. "My daughter called me crying and hollering and I just couldn't believe it because he's all in church."

Most of all, Terrell said, it's the senselessness of the shooting that bothers him.

"I mean it's really hard you know because people can't be men and talk their situations out," he said. "It goes way beyond 'getting dones' and everything else where somebody has to lose their life over a petty argument."