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Pink shoelaces key clue to attempted Edmond armed robbery

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EDMOND, Okla. - Surveillance video has captured an armed suspect enter Covell Wine & Liquor just before closing Monday.

He was wearing a mask, but Edmond police said the crystal clear footage is telling.

"The great thing about video, when you're trying to identify a suspect, the person who knows this suspect will recognize mannerisms, movement. That's something you don't get out of a still picture. That's one big benefit of video," said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond police spokesperson.

But, it's a freeze frame that may yield the greatest clue. Police said the suspect's shoes could reveal his identity.

"They are pretty pink in the surveillance video," Wagnon said of the pink shoelaces and soles.

It's unusual for the suspect described as 6'2" and 230 pounds. He was also armed with an unusual weapon - a stun stick.

The suspect left empty handed, because he was wearing gloves. If you have a smart phone, you know gloves and electronics don't work very well

"The gloves are what kept him, honestly, from getting the money out of the - it was a touch screen - register. Because he had gloves on, he couldn't activate it, and it happened so fast."

And, he was gone in a flash. Witnesses said he hopped a fence, down a retaining wall and off into the woods, where his truck was waiting.

Detectives said it's an older model, red and silver Chevy two-door.

"Between the shoes and the picture of the vehicle, someone has to know who this suspect is," Wagnon said.