Game wardens say Oklahoma teens’ video of deer after accident should serve as a warning

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Video shows local teens being 'tricked' by deer

LANE, Okla. – Wildlife experts say an Oklahoma teenager’s video should serve as a warning to drivers.

Emily Coffman and two friends were driving by McGee Creek Lake last week when they struck a deer.

“We come off this curve and all of a sudden, I see this deer and it jumped out at me,” Coffman told KXII.

Immediately, the group stopped their car and checked to see if the deer was alive.

“It was a baby so, of course, I was kind of upset,” Coffman said.

After a few minutes on the ground, they began petting the doe when they thought it was dying.

Shortly after that, they say the doe started to move.

“I just see his eye pop right open and then he just slowly started turning his head,” Coffman said. “And then all of a sudden, it just jumped up and it scared us all.”

The doe ran away and no one was hurt, but wildlife experts say you shouldn’t take any chances.

Game wardens say if you happen to hit a deer, call police and tell them where the accident occurred. However, they say you should never approach an injured animal.

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