Kingfisher man going viral for hail storm video

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Warning: Do not try this at home. 

KINGFISHER, Okla. - Residents in hard-hit communities spent Friday cleaning up debris, but in Kingfisher, one man is becoming the talk of the town.

If you ask anyone around Kingfisher if they've heard of Jerry Mack, they most likely have.

"Everybody in town knows him," said one resident.

"He's funny. He makes everyone crack up laughing," another resident said.

His most recent comedic stunt happened in the middle of Thursday’s hail storm.

As hail pounded all around, Mack pounded out his own little rain dance and posted it on Facebook, and it is not the first time he’s taken his show on the social media road.

Mack has also skied in ditches and even sprawled out nude in other Facebook videos.

He probably has more video shares and likes than Kingfisher has insurance claims right now, but he is a little confused about all the talk about his latest video.

He doesn’t think it is a big deal and cuts up all the time.

"I was personally upset that my head was cut off. I was like, 'man, my video ain’t no good,' and I was going to try to make another one. And while I was fixing my phone, I looked outside and I'm not lying, about three hail the size of my hand hit, and I was like 'whoa, do I really wanna do this again?'" he said.

He put his phone on a chair and propped it up with a boot.

"You wanna know the truth? As soon as I jumped out, I was gonna go out a little further and I no soon stepped out and bam, one popped on my head and kinda shocked me,” he said.

He hand is swollen, and his head is now a little sore.

"There's a lot of people who call you an idiot when you do things like that, but that's what makes this world go round,” he said.

It also makes light of a pretty heavy hail storm.

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