School district warning parents as rumors spread about suicides linked to ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

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There is a warning for parents about a sick online game that encourages participants to engage in dangerous behavior, including taking one's own life.

NORWICH COUNTY, Conn. – School leaders in one Connecticut school district are warning parents to keep an eye out as rumors continue to spread about an online challenge.

Norwich Public Schools Superintendent Abby Doliver told WFSB that she learned about the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ from police and a superintendent’s group.

The ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ encourages participants to complete 50 challenges over a 50-day period. According to WFSB, the challenges start off as somewhat harmless but quickly escalate in danger.

“What I learned about it, it’s very dangerous, a kind of download for your iPhone which most students have, that once you’re in it, really, it’s hard to get out,” said Doliver.

Online reports claim that several participants in foreign countries have committed suicide due to the game. However, there have not been any verified reports of children taking part in the challenge in the United States.

Snopes concludes that despite concerns, it is unclear if the game even exists.

Although there is no evidence of the challenge spreading across the country, school leaders say they aren’t taking any chances.

“What we did is send messages home to our parents of our middle school students, we don’t have our own high school to tell them about the game to ask them to be watching students iPhone, which we do encourage them to do that anyway,” Doliver said.

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