The Milligan Drive

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She may be your 6A Girls State Champion, but Kaitlin Milligan prefers to play with the boys.
Milligan readily admits, "I've been playing with some of the guys on the OU team and the high school guys, there just aren't many girls out here."
The Norman North senior will play for the University of Oklahoma in the Fall, and she's bringing a certain strength to the Sooners, just ask her high school coach Steve Knight.
"One of the daddies came up to me and said, 'Tell me about Kaitlin,' and I said what do you want to know and he said, 'well how far does she usually hit the ball?' and I said 290-300 and he kind of scoffed."

"He came back an hour later, just shaking his head, he said I've never seen anything like it in my life... she ruins golf balls"
Kaitlin's average drives off the tee are 290 yards, for some perspective that is the same average driving distance on the PGA tour.
The soon-to-be Sooner is looking forward to playing on longer courses at the next level, "Now that I get to move back like yardage wise, I'm excited and my confidence is already going up."   
Kaitlin grew up learning from and playing with her dad, "I wanted to see them as equals not necessarily like they should hit it farther, they should be better than me, being able to see them as equals definitely helped me get to that point and be that competitive on their level."
With dreams of playing on the LPGA tour, this summer Kaitlin looks to qualify for the U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Amateur, where her dad will be her caddy.
Kaitlin Milligan is Norman North's first D1 bound female golfer in recent history and as she moves forward, her powerful play leaves a legacy in her wake.
Coach Knight has seen the effect it has on his players firsthand, "She's a model, it's something they all look up to, 'I wanna be like Kaitlin.'" 
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