Oklahoma mother says son underwent reconstructive surgery after being attacked by service dog

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Kingston boy attacked by service dog

KINGSTON, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother said her son underwent reconstructive surgery after he was attacked by a service dog.

Brandy Carver told KXII that the service dog that attacked her son had been around the neighborhood kids for months without any issues.


“He wasn’t worried about going up to the dog because it’s something they do all day long,” Carver said. “It was just really really strange.”

Reins, 8, said when he bent down to pet the 6-month-old dog, the dog growled and attacked him.

As soon as Carver saw her son’s face, she said he was covered in blood.

Reins’ parents rushed him to a local hospital.

He was then sent to a Dallas hospital for reconstructive surgery, KXII reports.

Carver said her son will have to have at least one more reconstructive surgery on his lip when he gets older.

The dog will be under quarantine for 10 days.

Kingston police told KXII that no charges will be filed because the dog was chained at the time of the attack.

The owner of the dog insists the dog is not vicious.