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Duct-taped tub of puppies dumped at Oklahoma animal hospital

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Viral video reaches nearly 20 million views

STILWELL, Okla. – Veterinarians at an Oklahoma animal hospital say a recent incident has left them frustrated.

“I knew as soon as I pulled up that something had been dumped,” Jennifer Patterson, with Patterson Animal Hospital, told KJRH.

As soon as she got out of her car, Patterson spotted a tub that was duct-taped shut in front of the animal hospital.

She says she decided to pull out her cell phone and create a video to show just how often animals are abandoned at their doorstep.

Inside the tub, she found 10 puppies.

“I got angry. First, because it’s just not fair to us because I knew we had a full kennel, all of our pins were full. Where are we going to put these guys? Because we have to make a decision now of who has to go,” she said.

Veterinarians say they are often forced to euthanize abandoned animals that are sick because they do not know their history or how much treating them will cost.

Since posting the video, it has been viewed nearly 20 million times. Also, all 10 puppies were eventually adopted.

“If people would contact us, we’d give them resources and we’d try to help them out before just dumping them on our doorstep and making us decide what to do,” Patterson said.